Spline Calculator

The „Spline Calculator“ “ software calculates inspection measurements of splines with straight-sided flanks and of involute gearing, both spur and helical.

It is very easy to enter gear parameters into the main menu. As soon as the software has been given enough information, all remaining parameters are calculated automatically. It is, for example, sufficient to enter the number of teeth, module, pressure angle and tooth thickness in any order.


Any remaining unknown parameters such as measuring circle, dimension over measuring circle etc. are calculated from the given values. It is also possible to carry out standard calculations of two different external and two different internal gears on one single calculation template.
A corresponding involute gear can be displayed in the graphics mode with different options, e.g. as external or internal gearing.


It is also possible to display a designated measuring circle. Based on the root form circle the measuring circle distances can be given accurately. Any required measuring circle flats are thereby calculated automatically. The display of the exact tooth form including the measuring circle can be enlarged..


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Demo version:
Here you can download demo versions of our software programmes Spline Standards and Spline Calculator.