Basically, two components are required for automation: First, the measuring device or the gauging head in combination with the electronics MEG32 including the evaluation software and, secondly, the handling system, which loads and unloads the specimen. There are two ways to connect the FRENCO measuring devices:
• Profibus® / Profinet® or
• Communication via I / O ports.

The device plus handling system is sold by Eckart Anlagenbau GmbH. Measuring technology and evaluation software are from FRENCO.

Automated spline inspection:
• Longitudinal dynamic adapter for external and internal splines
• Electric positioning of the setting master
• Motor-controlled turn-in movement of the measuring gauge

Automated DOP inspection:
• Automativ location of the tooth gap
• Quick and easy machine set-up
• Stable design

Automated double flank gear roll inspection:
• For gears, single end
• Carriage moves back and forth pneumatically
• Flexible carriage for changeover to other center distances