The Corporate History of FRENCO GmbH

FRENCO GmbH was founded in 1978 and has since then been engaged in the specialist field of gear and spline measuring technology. Most of today’s gears and splines are precision items, for whose production both expertise and special tooling with very tight tolerances are required. In order to measure the manufactured workpieces, companies need even more accurate measuring and inspection equipment. FRENCO has committed itself to this challenge.

Our FRENCO concept is characterised by consistent quality and customer orientation. Customer preferences and requirements can always be integrated, as we only start manufacturing the measurement solution on receipt of the order. We also place a lot of emphasis on service, flexibility and quality.

This is reflected in our motto „Pure Perfection“.


Further Investments in AGIECHARMILLES Cut1000 and Cut2000 to extend manufacturing capacity


Thomas Peter appointed as general manager


New wire EDM-machines AgieCharmilles / GF Machining Solutions “Cut1000” for high precision cutting of micro contours with a wire diameter of 0.05 mm (min.) and Cut2000 as replacement investment


FRENCO’s calibration laboratory is accredited by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkredierunsstelle GmbH) according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory (registration number D-K-15199-01-00) for all measured gearing variables (see


Additional 5 axis gear grinding machine KAPP VUS 57 P, increasing the capacity for high precision profile grinding of running gears


Completion of the extension and renovation of the company building


Turnover increases to over 10 Mio €
Manufacture of internal helical gearing


Takeover of the product line “double flank gear rolling inspection” from Hommelwerke


Increase in nominal capital to 1 Mio €.
FRENCO measuring laboratory is awarded accreditation for all external gear features


Drafting and adoption of the new FRENCO constitution
Takeover of the product line “double flank gear rolling inspection” from Mahr
Development and construction of the own electronic measuring MEG


Increase in nominal capital to 500 Tsd €.


NC gear grinding machine Kapp and start of master gear production
Takeover of the “gear flank analysing” technology from Ford


Implementation of 3D CAD system Pro-Engineer
FRENCO measuring laboratory is awarded DKD accreditation for helix and profile artefacts
Company Munkert moves to nearby Ludersheim


Pillar management system
New gear and spline measuring laboratory


Buyback of Frenco shares from Frost Ltd.
Development starts into the gear flank analysing


Start of the CNC gear inspection with a Höfler EMZ
Start of the EDM machining of small ring gauges
Frenco takes the chair for the DIN standards committee AA2 (splines)


Increase in nominal capital to 200,000 DM
Introduction of the CAD system 2D, HP “ME 10”


Extension of the company premises in Altdorf
Patent for URM rolling inspection


Relocation to Altdorf (Frenco and Munkert)


Development of the INO system for gear and spline gauges


Increase in nominal capital to 100 Tsd DM.
The first seminar on the special topic “splines”


Development of the FAPP system and application for a patent


Start of partnership with Munkert GmbH for pre-machining work


Move into new premises in Nuremberg, Germany
First patent for indicating gear and spline inspection instruments
First financial year with net profit


Foundation of FRENCO Verzahnungslehren GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany
Employees 8, nominal capital of 50 Tsd DM
Production of gear and spline gauges