Customs Information

These customs information applies to all FRENCO products, 3rd party good and workpieces, which are sent to FRENCO from outside the European Community (e.g. for calibration, wear measurement, repair, etc.).

  • Please ship all FRENCO products and workpieces with a proforma invoice in any case.
  • The customs values stated in the proforma invoice must be realistic, guiding values are shown in the tables below.
  • According the returns regulation of goods, within the first 3 years the purchase price is to be calculated without deductions; within this time span no customs fees are to be payed.


AgeValue of goods
Gauges, master gauges and artefact
0 to 3 years100% of new value
From 4 years25% of new value
Workpieces for acceptance, contract work and wage measurement
Damaged and worn gauges for regeneration

If the purchase price is unknown, or you will send gauges from other manufacturers for testing or calibrating to Frenco, the following new values can be assumed:

ProductNew value of goods to be assessed
Spline gages: Rings, mandrels800,00€
AVM, IVM, Runout check1.500,00€
The net present value of new goods for products not listed here is the procurement price

Information: To consider the files you need e.g. the Adope Acrobat Reader or the free PDF-XChange Viewer – If you do not have installed these programs, you can download them here or here for free.

Customs Information as PDF

If you have any questions regarding customs regulations, please contact our staff. Responsible persons can be found on the right side of this page.