FGI pro

You can download the demo version of the double flank gear rolling inspection software FGI pro here:

FGI_Demo.zip (~5,6 MB)

The FGI pro software is a complete package for motor control and evaluation of the double flank gear rolling inspection. The calculation software was developed and programmed by FRENCO’s in-house software engineers. The colour-coding enables a quick pass/fail evaluation.

The following parameters are determined:

  • Gear roll variation Fi’’
  • Tooth-to-tooth deviation fi’’
  • Runout deviation Fr’’
  • Short wave-length component fk’’

After calibration, additional parameters can be output:

  • Center distance Aa’’
  • Dimension over balls MdK
  • Tooth thickness Sn
  • Base tangent length Wk

Display of the rolling curve

Polar view

Display of the Fourier spectra

Furthermore, the software offers:

  • Easy input and changing of inspection options
  • Automoatic positioning of damaged features (features can be selected) after measurement
  • Flexible selection of the language: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese
  • Program- and Outputlanguage are freely selectable (Unicode support)
  • Easy data exchange for various company languages
  • Archive function saves every single measurement
  • Quick and easy centralised statistical evaluation through interfaces (interfaces to: qs-STAT ®, CASQ-it 9000 and in-house Ethernet systems)