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Master gears for every requirement

Standard master gear
Standard master gear

FRENCO master gear coated
FRENCO master gear coated

Master worms
Master worms

Ensure the quality of your products: Quickly inspect gears and check their functional accuracy – thereby guaranteeing quality assurance. This is part of securing the future of every company and decides over success on the market; however it also has to be commercially viable and profitable.

Master gears are used in single and double flank gear rolling inspection as test gears. Frenco is now introducing the new generation of master gears. "Pure perfection" for single and double flank gear rolling inspections, which are integrated into your production process to save time and money.

Materials and coatings:
Several types of steel are available as base material for master gears. Wear resistance increases from gauge steel LS to chrome steel CS and finally to powder metallurgy high speed steel SX.
In addition, coatings protect the surface against wear. Coatings are considerably harder than any steel and at the same time act as rust protection.

As the coating process is conducted at high temperature, the base material to be coated has to be suitable for these temperatures. CS and SX steel is coatable. The best cost-performance ratio for normal requirements offers CS. Coated SX is the ultimate wear resistance for maximum requirements in high volume productions. LS is used for very small modules and for "rush jobs".

gauge steel LSno60-62
chrome steel CSyes60-62
powder metallurgy high speed steel SXyes63-65

Wear test:
Master gears are subject to wear during use. Master gears can normally be reground. FRENCO offers regrinding services.
Further information on the procedure is available on request.