Gear and Spline Manufacturing

FRENCO produces gears and splines made to specification and in small batches.

  • Production of internal and external gears and splines with involute, serration and straight-sided flanks
  • Production of worms and crown gears
  • Gearing of your base bodies or delivery of complete components possible
  • Topological grinding of modifications
  • Manual grinding, NC form grinding and wire EDM

Consultation with FRENCO’s specialists necessary.

Dimensions for NC form grinding

Max. workpiece lengthexternal gear/spline750 mm
internal gear/splineupon consultation
Max. profile lengthexternal gear/spline700 mm
intrenal gear/splineupon consultation
Max. pitch circle diameterexternal gear/spline450 mm
internal gear/splineupon consultation
Max. workpiece weight50 kg
MaterialSteel, titanium
Accuracyexternal gear/splineQ2 (DIN3962)
internal gear/splineQ3 (DIN3962)

Dimensions for manual grinding

Max. workpiece lengthexternal spline560 mm
internal spline300 mm
Max. length of profileexternal spline500 mm
internal splinePitch circle to 3070 mm
internal splinePitch circle to 60110 mm
internal gearPitch circle to 150150 mm
Max. through hole diameter300 mm
Max. pitch circle diameterexternal spline300 mm
internal splineca. 250 mm
Min. pitch circle diameterinternal spline16-18 mm
Max. workpiece weight50 kg
MaterialSteel, copper, graphite
AccuracyQ3 (DIN 3962), Q3 (DIN 5480)

Dimensions wire EDM

Max. workpiece sizeX=800 mm
Y=350 mm
Max. work areaX=320 mm
Y=220 mm
Max. workpiece height / profile widthZ=150 mm
Max. pitch circle diameterapprox. 210 mm
Wire diameter - standard0.25 mm
Wire diameter - special0.10 mm
MaterialSteel, cooper, non-ferrous metals
Max. workpiece weight40 kg
AccuracyQ3 (DIN 3962), Q3 (DIN 5480)