Master Gears

Master gears are used in single and double flank gear inspection and rack inspetion machines as test gears.

  • Cylindical gears, pinion gears, worms and worm gears are available
  • Rolling inspections are a quick and economical function test
  • The test can be integrated in the production process
  • Wear resistance can be increased by the usage of coatings
  • The inspection certificate from the FRENCO measuring lab is within the scope of supply


Several types of steel are available as base material for master gears. Wear resistance increases from gauge steel LS to chrome steel CS and finally to powder metallurgy high speed steel SX. In addition, coatings protect the surface against wear and corrosion.

Gauge steel LSNo60-62
Chrome steel CSYes60-62
Powder high-speed steel SXYes63-65

Regrinding of Master Gears

Master gears are subject to wear during use. Worn master gears can normally be reground. FRENCO offers such services that include:

  • the check if regrinding is possible
  • the regrinding and possibly re-coating of the master gears
  • a new inspection certificate from the FRENCO measuring lab

Further information on the procedure is available on request.