Welcome to our new FRENCO website!

You were very familiar with our old website? Here we briefly explain what has changed.

  • The contents were basically adopted, but the image and text were reduced. More information can always be found in the respective product brochure, which is available for download on every page.
  • The content is easy to read on smartphones and tablet PCs (Not everywhere? We are thankful for hints!).
  • The former division into product groups (H, V, R, P and K) is no longer applicable. Instead, our offer is divided into products and services.
  • On the pages you will find, similar to Wikipedia, links in the text, which will lead you directly to the respective subpage. You will also find “Related Links” at the bottom of each page. This makes the connections between our scopes of performance clear.

Where can I download my inspection certificates?

You can download your inspection certificates at Inspection Certificate Download.

Where can I download demo software?

You can download demo software at FRENCO Software.

Where can I find the current dates?

News, trade fair dates and seminar dates are all displayed in the blog on our landing page.