FRENCO Cause Analysis

3D Topography of a
milled tooth flank

In some cases, the usual, random measurement is not sufficient – especially if corrections for an injection mold, or the causes of deviations are to be determined.

For such cases, FRENCO offers a solution: An all-tooth measurement followed by a REANY evaluation.

What is a all-tooth measurement?

Overview of all rooth flanks

At FRENCO we mean unter all-tooth measurement the detection of several profiles and tooth traces on all teeth. The gearing is therefore almost completely recorded. The relationship between the flanks is maintained. This is the essential difference to a topography, in which only individual teeth are considered without mutual reference.

Quality rating of all core values

What is a REANY?

REANY is the abbreviation for reality analysis. From the data of the all-tooth measurement, the REANY software calculates the topological deviations of all tooth flanks. You get an unprecedented amount of information about the complete gearing. In addition to numerous representations, computational compensations provide information about possible causes of deviations.

Which services are included?

one flank roll deviation

  • Inspection certificate (without cover page): profile, tooth trace, division, concentricity
  • All-tooth measurement: Detecting the toothing in several sections
  • REANY-evaluation: Analysis of the measurement results with regard to systematic deviations
  • Resulting discussion by FRENCO engineering team
  • Compile the results in a presentation
  • We also recommend a workshop at FRENCO to achieve sustainable results (approx. 1 Day)