Wear Measurement

Go plug gauge
No go plug gauge

All measuring and inspection equipment for external and internal gearing, such as gauges, master gears, taper mounting mandrels, instruments for size inspection and others are inspected.

Standard monitoring of inspection equipment conforms to directive VDI 2618 page 1 and includes the following services:

  • Verification of the number of items in the delivery
  • Cleaning
  • Demagnetisation
  • Visual inspection for damages

Profiled master ring

  • Determination of the gearing data by means of standards and existing drawings or
  • Creation of an inspection equipment drawing (on request at extra cost)
  • Removal of smaller damages on the gearing, wherever possible
  • Size inspection of the gearing by hand with the Abbe length measuring device or the Abbe-type length comparator
  • Form inspection such as profile, tooth curve, pitch and radial runout on gear measuring centres

Master gear

  • Issuing of an inspection certificate
  • Electronic archiving of the measurement results at FRENCO
  • Re-marking (on request at extra cost)
  • Wrapping in antirust foil


Delivery is approx. 2 weeks from receipt of the inspection equipment or measurement items (in Altdorf). Delivery can be expedited if agreed with Frenco (at extra costs). Delivery for calibrations is 6 weeks from receipt (in Altdorf).


An inspection certificate is issued for each inspected instrument. It includes:

Concentricity ring gauge

Taper mounting

  • Inspection equipment data, nominal sizes, actual sizes and the overall evaluation on the cover page
  • Depending on the delivery volume and type of instrument, the graph of the gear measuring centre including profile, tooth curve, pitch and radial runout on the inside pages and
  • the explanation of the used abbreviations, traceability and measurement uncertainties on the back page.