Workpiece inspection

Inspection room

FRENCO GmbH is your first port of call for gear and spline measurements in Germany. With our equipment, we are able to measure almost all types of spur gearing. Constant room climate and a skilled workforce ensure highest accuracy. Traceability to PTB calibrated artefacts, from measuring pins through to profile artefacts, tooth curve artefacts and pitch artefacts, offer the required level of guarantee when evaluating the measurement results.

Workpiece inspection Worm/Cardan

Workpiece measurement steering wheel

The gear profile on workpieces can be inspected in a number of ways:

  • Individual form inspection on the gear measuring centre (Profile, tooth curve, pitch, radial runout)
  • Double flank gear rolling inspection on a double flank gear rolling tester made by FRENCO

Individual form inspections can be carried out on external andinternal gears, involute, serration and straight-sided gearing.

Workpiece inspection roundness

We can inspect the following workpiece dimensions:

  • Max. workpiece diameter: 400 mm
  • Max. workpiece length: 650 mm
  • Max. vertical measuring length: 500 mm
  • Min. module: 0.1 external gear / 0.3 internal gear

Workpiece inspection roughness

We can also carry out the following measurements:

  • Location of functional surfaces (circles, cylinders, plane surfaces etc.) in relation to the gear axis
  • Topography of individual teeth – several profiles per tooth are inspected.
  • All-tooth measurement for a REANY-evaluation (see produkt brochure on the right)
  • Roughness measurement and contour measurement