Measuring pins and measuring balls

are used for size inspection of gear profiles

Measuring pins

Fixed measuring pin insert

Measuring pins:

Measuring pins can only be used to carry out size inspections on spur gears. When using pins it must be taken into consideration that where there is a high degree of waviness on the teeth, the pins will only sit on the highest points.

Steel±0,001 mmWorkpieces
Hard metal±0,001 mmWorkpieces accurate
Hard metal±0,0005 mmGage inspection
Hard metal±0,0003 mmMaster and Artefacts

Measuring tip insert

Measuring tips:

Measuring tips are always made of carbide. They are used when diameters smaller than 1.5 mm are required.

With thread M2Smaller 0,75 mm
With thread M2,5 (Standard)Smaller 0,75 mm
With thread M3Smaller 0,75 mm

Measuring ball inserts

Measuring balls:

Measuring balls, measuring ball inserts and measuring pin inserts are always manufactured from carbide (carbide 1500HV) as steel would wear too much.

ExecutionFor ball-diameter
Measuring balls soldered on shaft with thread M2,5 without SW1 to 7 mm
Measuring balls soldered on shaft,
with thread M4 with SW
5 to 12 mm
Balls with internal thread M410 to 25 mm


Measuring balls and pins are subject to wear during use, which has to be monitored in line with the monitoring of inspection equipment schedule. FRENCO offers these monitoring services.

Further information on the procedure is available on request.