Instruments for size inspection,
rocking type


Rocking type inspection instruments for gears and splines are a cost-efficient solution for single productions and small batches. With a bit of skill, the actual dimension over and between balls, i.e. the highest measurement point, can be found by rocking the instrument.

We recommend a FRENCO VDA 5 inspection certificate for all VA inspection instruments in order to verify a sufficiently small measuring uncertainty regarding the tolerance to be measured.

Inspection instruments for internal gears IVA


The IVA inspection instrument for internal gears consists of

  • Handle
  • Measuring head with 2 measuring ball inserts
  • Dial indicator

A setting ring with a toothed section is recommended to guarantee a small measuring uncertainty

  • The measuring head can only be used for a specific size and a specific measuring ball diameter
  • The clock face of the dial indicator has been specifically chosen for metrology
Equipment executionPitch circle diameter (PCD)
IVA 04 - 15 mm
IVA 115 - 28 mm
IVA 228 - 130 mm
IVA 350 - 330 mm
IVA 4 (with measuring force lift-off)at 190 mm

Inspection instruments for external gears AVAL:


The AVAL inspection instrument for external gearing consists of two measuring ball inserts, a dial indicator (measuring force 1N) and a measurement stand (optional).

  • quick and flexible measurement of the dimension over/between balls
  • easier location of the tooth position with measuring force lift-off
  • option with height adjustable support for the workpiece
  • measuring ball inserts can be interchanged
  • measuring pin inserts can also be used (but not interchanged)

Calibration is carried out with a sector setting plug.

Equipment executionPitch circle diameter (PCD)
AVAL 10 - 35 mm
AVAL 235 - 70 mm
AVAL 370 - 135 mm
AVAL 4135 - 180 mm