Instruments for size inspection
with face stop

Gear and spline inspection instruments of the type VP feature a face stop. During inspection there is no need to find the reversal point. This ensures a stable measured value. Test items with suitable plane surfaces are placed onto a table-top. Inspection is always carried out at right angles to the workpiece axis. VP inspection instruments are characterised by their flexibility.
In the following is a list of the advantages:

  • stable measured value
  • only minor operator influence during the inspection
  • easy adjustment of the measuring force
  • quick change from internal to external gearing
  • quick change from large to small gearing diameters

Execution VPO


The diametral dimension over/between balls of a specific measuring plane can be easily and quickly determined with a VPO measuring instrument. The instrument can be converted within minutes to a different diameter and from external to internal gearing. The measuring balls are mounted on a sliding and a fixed carriage respectively. The sliding carriage can be taken off the workpiece by means of a lever at the front, in order to change the workpiece. The measurement results can be evaluated with a dial indicator or a digital display unit (if a probe is used).

Technical DatesVPO
External gear and spline to100 mm pitch circle-Ø
Inside gear and spline to120 mm pitch circle-Ø
Measuring force infinitely adjustableto 10 N
Dimensions (without stilts)185 x 58 x 180 mm

Execution VPE


The diametral dimension over/between balls can quickly be determined with a VPE instrument in as many measuring planes as required. The instrument can be converted within minutes to a different diameter and from external to internal gearing.

Technical DatesVPE
External gear 200 mm pitch circle-Ø
Inside gear220 mm pitch circle-Ø
longitudinal stroke30 mm
Dimensions (without stilts)340 x 118 x 210 mm

Execution VPOS


The VPOS is a gear testing machine to determine the diametrical size over two balls of heavy workpieces and toothed shafts. Besides precision and accuracy, importance was attached to functionality, appearance and ease of use. The stilts are positioned pneumatically, whereas the infeed is mechanically damped. To improve safety, the device can be equipped with a two-hand-control. The measuring force is quick and easy to adapt to the workpiece weight by a hand lever.

The VPOS is easy in use and a very stable tabletop machine for the shop-floor use.

Technical DatesVPOS
External gear to75 - 260 mm (size over two balls)
Max. shaft diameter60 mm
Max. shaft length108 mm (renewable)