Instruments for size inspection
with guiding profile

AVM 1×1 –
Inspection instrument for external gearing

The instruments of the type VM have a guiding profile, with which the dimension over/between balls can be established quickly and reliably, without rocking. The guiding profile is matched to that of the item to be inspected.

With this product line, the VM inspection instruments show off their true professionalism. They are robust, simple and with regard to accuracy independent of the operator. The range of VM instruments covers simple hand held devices, through to longitudinal dynamic inspection systems and fully automated FAPP systems. A VDA-5 inspection certificate specifies the measuring uncertainty of the instrument and enables determination of the measuring uncertainty during use.

The guiding profile (VMF) of VM instruments for splines can be designed as a go gauge profile (VML) and can include pre-undersize or oversize (VMF/L). The advantage of this ‘L-‘design is that go gauging can be carried out at the same time which saves one operating cycle.

IVM 1×1 –
Inspection instrument for internal gearing

VM 1×1

VM 1×1 consist of a profiled guiding mandrel and a measuring insert with two carbide measuring ball inserts. The measuring ball inserts are mechanically connected to each other. Both, dial indicators and probes can be used. VM 1×1 instruments are mainly used to inspect medium-sized batches.

VM nx2

AVM 3×2 –
Inspection instrument for external gearing

All of FRENCO’s VM nx2 inspection instruments for gearing come with several measuring inserts (max. 3×2 insert). To determine the diametral dimension over/between balls, two opposing floating inductive probes are added to the display unit.

The type VM nx2 K works with carbide measuring ball inserts, which are screwed into the inductive probes. The carbide balls can be exchanged when worn. VM nx2 K instruments are particularly suitable for medium-size batches.

IVM 3×2 –
Inspection instrument for internal gearing

The VM nx2 RS models do not have any measuring balls but radius disks, which are clamped into a rocking body and can be turned when worn. RS instruments are very robust and resistant to wear.
It is recommended to use this type in high-volume productions or with hardened workpieces. RS inspection instruments are suitable for automation (type FAPP).

Longitudinal dynamical evaluation LDYN:

All VM measuring instruments can be upgraded for dynamic measurements. To this end, a longitudinal dynamic adapter is added to the instrument. Evaluation is carried out with an electronic measuring unit and the gear and spline software LDYN.
Further details on the LDYN gear software is available here.

FAPP Ausführung mit Handlingsystem


Our FAPP system can be used to automatically inspect internal and external gearing within the machining line, with a cycle time of approx. 10 s per inspection process.

Using the FAPP system, all FRENCO gear and spline inspection instruments of type VM nx2 RS can be automated upon request.

Measuring station for internal and external gearing with evaluation electronics and software LDYN

The FAPP system has been designed as an independently operating unit. It features its own pneumatic and electric controllers for motion sequences of the screw-in-head and the linear feed.

Interfaces for communication with the handling equipment are standard accessories. Additional interfaces are available as an option.

FRENCO also offers a complete FAPP inspection cell, which comes with integrated handling system and sorting unit.