Literature and Documentation

Frenco literature describes specific topics on the subject “gearing” in an understandable manner. In addition to standards that are difficult to obtain, simple explanations and learning material, resources for a general understanding are also available.


The OF Documentations include knowledge transfer about gears, simple descriptions, no logner available standards and educational games. At the same time, they are the only literature still available for splines – in addition to the standards.

  • OFL Literature: Understandable explanations of known facts
  • OFS Descriptions: Explanations of technical correlations
  • OFD Definitions: Definitions of unproven conclusions
  • Books: Summary of documentation on topics


Specific expertise is combined in several books.

  • Volume 1: Splines – Quality assurance
  • Volume 2: Splines – The position of the spline axis
  • Volume 3: Splines – Standards and calculation
  • Volume 4: Gears – Quality assurance
  • Volume 5: Gear – metrology in the course of time

A compilation of all available “OF” documents as well as detailed information about the books can be found in the product brochure “Documentation” on the right side of this page.