Double flank gear test RWZ

About the double flank gear test

A quick and simple inspection method for gears.

The double flank gear test is a quick and simple inspection method for gears. The inspection process can be carried out on the shop floor. It enables the user to immediately evaluate gears with regard to existing production-related total errors. The double flank gear rolling inspection is, if used with modern evaluation equipment such as a PC, hardware and software, a very efficient and quick way of ensuring quality without any problems.

The basic principle of the double flank gear test is based on a master gear (a near perfect gear) and a gear (= workpiece) in rolling contact, free from backlash. The inspection instrument has one rotational axis which is fixed and one which is movable. The centre distance variations during the rolling process are caused by form errors on the workpiece and are the basis for the evaluation of the inspection.

Benefits of FRENCO double flank gear rolling testers:

  • Strong, operational robust design. Suitable for use in the production area.
  • Customer-specific design. FRENCO’s double flank gear rolling testers are optimally adapted to the specimen and the test conditions.
  • Infinitely variable measuring force.
  • Quick release of the measuring carriage.
  • Minimising the radial deviation via the locating elements. Use of non-rotating centres and mounting mandrels.
  • Calibration of the double flank gear rolling testers with a special calibration master set.
  • The evaluation software FGI pro is FRENCO’s own in-house product. Quick support!
  • Master gears are manufactured directly at FRENCO’s in Altdorf.
  • Retrofitting of older double flank gear testers with FRENCO’s electronic measuring unit and software evaluation FGI pro available on request.

Model ZWP 06 ▾

The universal measuring machine for small yet highly precise gears.

Model ZWP 14/24 ▾

Simple, robust, designed for shop-floor use.

Model ZWP 18 ▾

Highest precision and comfortable handling.

Model ZWP 30 ▾

The specialist for large gear wheels, shafts and worm gears.

Software solution FGI pro ▾

The software include both, the control of the drive and the evaluation of data.