Multipoint measuring instrument RM

RM horizontal

The RM inspection instrument offers very fast acquisition of dimension, concentricity and pitch. It is most suitable for the inspection of shafts with multiple gear profiles and diameters. During the inspection, the workpiece is held between two centres and rotated by 360 degrees. All measuring positions are scanned simultaneously. Inspections can be carried out on splines, bevel gears, running gears (cylindrical gears), diameters and plane surfaces. The traditional place for the URM-R is on the shop floor directly next to the production machine. This location is good for quick sampling inspections and ideal for 100% inspections.

RM vertical

Features and Application areas:

  • Quick acquisition of gear feature data such as dimension, concentricity, roundness, pitch deviation
  • Double flank gear rolling inspection for cylindrical gearing
  • Rolling inspection with measuring pins on splines
  • Measuring time approx. 15 seconds simultaneously on all measuring locations
  • Easy operation, automatic carriage and tailstock
  • Determination of positional deviations on gear profiles, diameters and surfaces
  • Easy operation, manual or fully automatic, interlinked for 100% inspection

Main shaft manual transmission

  • Highest precision through substitution methods (calibration on a setting master)
  • Very robust design, can be used on the shop floor next to the machine tool
  • Link between production and inspection room
  • Freely programmable system with the high-performance evaluation software FGI
  • Documentation of the measuring results for process control with various interfaces: QS-Stat ®, transfer format, csv® format, pdf® format etc
  • Customer specific adaptations of mechanics and software


crank shaft

The RM is available with different options. Horizontal instruments are ideal for the inspection of shafts up to a length of 800 mm. The devices are operated semi or fully automatic. We are happy to advise you on your best options and supply you with tailor-made instruments for your requirements.

The following are examples of measuring tasks and measuring geometries already implemented:



Bevel gear

Double flank gear rolling inspection

Simultaneous measurement on 2 measuring locations


The software for RM is functional and extremely well equipped. All necessary information is clearly structured and displayed – it is easy to see whether the workpiece has passed the inspection or not.