Roll scan RWS

Gear flank analysing with hedgehog master

Gear flank analysing is an extraordinary method, which allows the complete capture of a gear surface in approx. 5 minutes. During a gear flank analysis the workpiece is scanned track for track in rolling contact with a special master wheel. The instrument combines the simple, robust and temperature stable design of the single flank gear rolling inspection with the greatest information density of modern coordination measuring technology, yet the measuring time remains short. The information content is convincingly high.

Gear flank analysing with master disc

The method has been designed to be carried out directly in the production area and replaces monitoring methods in the inspection room. This is extremely economical and allows extremely short response times in the event of faults. These advantages are particularly useful for measurements of the same workpieces in large quantities without any changeovers. A system provides 60 -100 measurements per day.

The measurement data is used to calculate a topological surface for each of the gear flanks. Both, conventional planes for profile and tooth curve can be determined and rolling simulations using the entire surface can be carried out to calculate graphs and Fourier analyses.

Gear flank analysing with two spindles

FRENCO roll scan-evaluation

100,000 measuring points can be captured within 2 minutes. This results in a grid of measuring points on the gear profile. The evaluation software allows to view conventional graphs as well as surface analyses and tolerance views on all tooth flanks.