Retrofit elekctronics

Maintenance, repair and calibration

The long-lasting functioning of your measuring instrument is very important to us. We therefore offer you a quality service for our measuring equipment by our technical personnel at your premises. Apart from any repair work we recommend regular maintenance and calibration of your instruments.
The functionality of your instruments can be verified with our calibrations using our own artefacts. This is an important component of your QA system.
We offer repair work on short notice as required, of course worldwide, and maintenance agreements for longer-term availability of your instruments, including regular calibrations.

Hoefler ZW300


Tomorrow, today is already yesterday.
Measuring instruments are durable goods, which are worth being maintained. Older equipment can often be brought up to date and offers a cost-effective alternative to new purchases. Especially electronic assemblies and computers quickly become obsolete, do not offer the current functions of modern systems and can thus become unreliable. Many of our instruments can be brought up to date, often by simple exchanges on-site. So you can rely on your instrument again. Complete mechanical overhauls are carried out at our premises in Altdorf.

FRENCO offers a retrofit service, including for older double flank gear rolling testers. This involves converting the out-of-date instruments to use the Frenco control and evaluation unit FGI. This entails a complete refurbishment of the double flank gear rolling tester.

Hommel ZWG 8305

The following types can be retrofitted:

  • Mahr 894B, 896B, 898B, 898C
  • Hommel ZWG8305, ZWG8315
  • Hoefler ZW300
  • other types on request


Software and mechanics form an inseparable connection, which is why we have our own software department. Our customer’s requirements are our product specification. We also make sure to find solutions for individual requirements.
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