Artefacts are used to easily and quickly determine the uncertainties of gear and spline measurements.

  • Available for internal and external gear and spline geometries
  • Different modifications in individual gaps possible
  • Artefacts represent, in near ideal form, the geometrical characteristics of a gear profile
  • Calibrations allow the traceability of characteristics to national artefacts
  • Artefacts are of the highest priority

What are IC-Gear Artefacts?

  • IC-Gear Artefacts have a similar profile to that of the workpiece to be tested
  • They thereby meet the identity condition (IC) as defined in ISO 15530 (Technique for determining the measurement uncertainty of coordinate measuring machines
  • The closer the artefact is to the measuring task, the more certain is the traceability of the measurement
  • Geometrical size: adaptable from small plastic gears to HGV gears


Masters are used when calibrating instruments for size inspection.

  • Available for internal and external spline instruments
  • Geometry is identical to that of the specimen
  • Setting masters mostly have a toothed section
  • When using an electronic device, a setting master and a control master can be used in order to monitor the spread (recommended)