Gear Flank Analyser

Gear flank analysing method allows to scan all tooth flanks within a few minutes and is suitable for large batches.

  • Special method based on the single flank gear inspection method (contact ratio < 1)
  • Calculation of the complete tooth flank surfaces
  • Information about profile, helix, pitch and runout of all teeth and along the whole tooth width
  • Rolling simulation incl. Fourier analysis
  • Robust design for the shop floor use
  • Approx. 60 – 100 sample measurements per day
  • Evaluation by FRENCO Software FGI RS

Method based on Master Gears

  • Master gear is matched to that of the workpiece to be inspected
  • Short reaction time
  • High economic efficiency for large batches without changeover

Method based on Disc Roll Master

  • Disc roll masters are limited suitable for geometries within a family of parts
  • Number of measuring planes selectable (->influence on measuring time)
  • Workpiece held between two centres