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Individual Trainings


FRENCO offers seminars on all aspects of gears and splines.

Spline Seminar


Basics for newcomers

  • Geometry and classification of spline fits
  • Tolerance limits actual and effective
  • Standards and workpiece portrayal on drawings
  • Quality features and inspection methods
  • Educational game Effity


Gear Seminar


Basics for newcomers

  • Different gearing types
  • Involute as a flank form
  • Rolling behaviour, centre distance, addendum modification
  • Deviations and tolerances
  • Quality features and inspection methods


Additions to the Basic Training


Free topic design for advanced learners

Examples of topics:

  • Process capability
  • Calculation and design of splines
  • Monitoring of inspection equipment
  • Toothed clamping systems
  • Working with gear and spline standards
  • Positional tolerances


Customised Seminars


According to your own requirements and applications

  • Customised combination of topics
  • Increasing existing knowledge
  • Design of workpieces
  • Corrections of existing drawings


The seminars can be done in german or english language. In other languages with translator possible also. The seminars can take place at the customer’s premises or at FRENCO’s. Furthermore, FRENCO offers the seminars in cooperation with Technische Akademie Wuppertal (TAW) in Altdorf. For more information click here.

Our course instructor Mr. Norbert Weiss devises all courses in a very practise-orientated way which includes lectures with explanations, questions, discussions and practical examples. Descriptions of numerous practical experiences complement this normally uninspiring topic in a vivid and enjoyable way.

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FRENCO offers literature on all aspects of gears and splines.

  • Special topics in a generally understandable form
  • Simple explanations and educational games
  • Individual documentations and books
  • Standards that are difficult to obtain


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