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Our Quality Policy

The QM system, custom-built by us, is subject to constant changes and improvements.
It contains, amongst others, the following elements:

  • description of the QM system in form of guidelines
  • at least random, possibly 100% goods
  • inward inspectionunique identification of the products
  • production control at regular intervals
  • systematic intermediate and final inspections by means of inspection plans and inspection instructions
  • issuing of inspection certificates
  • direct traceability of measuring results to national artefacts
  • documentation of inspection results with a 10-year retention period
  • internal and external computer-aided monitoring of inspection equipment
  • recording of quality relating coststraceability to the sub-supplier
  • procedure to process complaints, identify the cause of error and prevent future errors
  • guidelines for all business sectorsquality assurance officer

FRENCO is not certified in accordance with ISO 9000 et seq. and only aims at such certification in the longer term. The main reason for this decision is the fact that the quality of our products and services are not dependant on certification and cannot be proven by such certification either. Although our QA system has very much been influenced by ISO/QS 9000, many formal requirements are not fulfilled. We feel that this bureaucratic effort is unreasonable with respect to a predominantly single item production and a workforce of approximately 70 employees. In this respect, we fulfil what is essential for us, e.g. documentation of rules in specific problems.
Advanced tasks, such as application-relevant support for our customers and quick implementations of new findings and experiences are important to us. Accordingly, we have set ourselves the following medium-term targets, from which our customers in the main will benefit:

  • 100% final inspection of all gear profiles that must have gauge quality.
  • Reduction of measurement uncertainties during gear and spline inspection
  • improving existing and developing of new inspection methods for industrial metrology of gearing
  • Guaranteeing of comparability of all measuring results with calibrated artefacts and ring comparisons

Instead of a certificate, which is with regard to product quality rather questionable anyway, we offer the following:

  • Every customer is welcome to visit us on short notice to learn about our QM system.
  • We are happy to undergo auditing by our customers.

This ensures that our customers can verify requirements, which may even exceed those of ISO/QS 9000, and establishes mutual trust.

Our Philosophy

The future development of FRENCO GmbH is to be continuously in the direction of improved technology. The further development refers to the qualification of the staff, the internal processes and their transparency as well as to the products offered on the market consisting of mechanics, electronics and software.

FRENCO is striving for uniqueness, with the services and products offered, which are otherwise not available on the market in this particular form. None of the products is to be comparable to those of the competition. Our efforts are focussed on good products and services and should not be devoted to offering comparable products at a cheaper price compared to those of our competitors.
There is a particular emphasis on the humane personal characteristics of our employees, as well as their best possible qualifications and placement at the right position within the company. All employees shall take pleasure and pride in testing new technologies and in implementing them. This requires much creativity, which is encouraged within the company through high levels of freedom for the employees. The interaction between people within the company and outside should be honest and straightforward.

Control is limited to the essential, excessive control is avoided. FRENCO’s planning schedules are long-term.
Continuity should be connected to steady growth of expertise in gear metrology.

Reference Customers


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American AxleBuffalo, NY (USA)
American AxleDetroit, MI (USA)
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ZF do Brasil S.A.Sorocaba (Brazil)
ZF Friedrichshafen AGFriedrichshafen / Brandenburg / Saarbrucken (Germany) / Gray Court, SC (USA)
ZF Sachs AGSchweinfurt (Germany)


Our Partners

FRENCO attaches great importance to good and long-term relationships with suppliers and partners. Mutual trust is a solid basis for cooperation. Here is a list of our most important cooperation and development partners:

Munkert GmbH (Metallbearbeitung)

Wolfgang Munkert
Am Umspannwerk 8
DE 90518 Altdorf

+49 9187 41929
+49 9187 41568
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Gall EDV Systeme GmbH (Software/Entwicklung)

Horst Gall
Kemmathen 3
DE 91604 Flachslanden

+49 9829 93293-0
+49 9829 93293-22
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Eckart Anlagenbau GmbH (Automation)

Steffen Eckart
Bruckäcker 63
DE 92348 Berg

+49 9189 41494-0
+49 9189 41494-99
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History and Today

FRENCO GmbH was founded in 1978 and has since then been engaged in the specialist field of gear and spline metrology. Most of today’s gears and splines are precision items, for whose production both expertise and special tooling with very tight tolerances are required. In order to measure the manufactured workpieces, companies need even more accurate measuring and inspection equipment. FRENCO has committed itself to this challenge.

Our FRENCO concept is characterised by consistent quality and customer orientation. Customer preferences and requirements can always be integrated, as we only start manufacturing the measurement solution on receipt of the order. We also place a lot of emphasis on service, flexibility and quality.

This is reflected in our motto: „Pure Perfection“.

2020FRENCO's calibration laboratory is awarded accredited conformity assessment body status by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH, the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (registration number D-K-15199-01-00) for all measured gearing variables and can exhibit the smallest measurement uncertainties in the world.
2020Philip Jukl appointed as general manager.
2017Changes in shares: 80% owned by Idur, 20% owned by Thomas Peter
2016AGIECHARMILLES Cut1000 and Cut2000 investment to extend manufacturing capacity.
2013Thomas Peter appointed as general manager.
2012New wire cutting machines AGIECHARMILLES Cut1000 for high precision cutting of micro contours with a wire diameter of 0.05 mm (min.) and Cut2000 as replacement investment.
FRENCO's calibration laboratory is awarded accredited conformity assessment body status by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH, the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025 (registration number D-K-15199-01-00) for all measured gearing variables.
2011Additional 5 axis gear grinding machine KAPP VUS 57 P, increasing the capacity for high precision profile grinding of gears.
2009Completion of the extension and renovation of the company building.
2008Turnover increases to over EUR 10 million.
Manufacture of internal helical gearing.
2006Takeover of the product line 'double flank gear inspection' from Hommelwerke.
2005Increase in nominal capital to EUR 1 million.
FRENCO measuring laboratory is awarded accreditation for all external gear features.
2004Drafting and adoption of the new FRENCO constitution.
Takeover of the product line 'double flank gear rolling inspection' from Mahr.
Development and construction of the MEG electronic measuring unit.
2002Increase in nominal capital to EUR 500,000.
2001NC gear grinding machine Kapp and start of master gear production.
Takeover of the 'gear flank analysing' technology from Ford.
2000Implementation of 3D CAD system Pro-Engineer.
FRENCO measuring laboratory is awarded DKD accreditation for tooth flank artefacts and profile artefacts.
Company Munkert moves to nearby Ludersheim.
1997Pillar management system.
New gear and spline measuring laboratory.
1995Buyback of Frenco shares from Frost Ltd.
Development starts into the gear flank analysing.
1993Start of the CNC gear inspection with a Höfler EMZ.
Start of the EDM machining of small ring gauges.
Frenco takes the chair for the DIN standards committee AA2 (splines).
1991Increase in nominal capital to EUR 200,000.
CAD system 2D, HP ME 10.
1990Extension of the company premises in Altdorf.
Patent for URM rolling inspection.
1988Move to Altdorf (FRENCO and Munkert).
1987Development of the INO system for spline gauges.
1986Increase in nominal capital to EUR 100,000.
The first seminar on 'splines'.
1984Development of the FAPP system and application for a patent.
1983Start of partnership with Munkert GmbH for pre-machining work.
1982Move into new premises in Nuremberg, Germany.
First patent for indicating gear and spline inspection instruments.
First financial year with net profit.
1978Foundation of FRENCO Verzahnungslehren GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany.
Employees 8, nominal capital of EUR 50,000.
Production of gear and spline gauges.