Measuring Inserts

Measuring inserts are used in size inspection instruments and to measure the size over/between balls.

FRENCO measuring inserts are always manufactured from carbide (1500HV) to minimise wear.

Measuring balls

DesignFor ball dia.
Measuring balls soldered onto shaft, incl. M2.5 thread, excl. AF1 to 7 mm
Measuring balls soldered onto shaft, incl. M4 thread and AF5 to 12 mm
Measuring balls with internal thread M410 to 25 mm

Measuring Tips

For diameters smaller than 1.5 mm.

Including M2 threadSmaller than 0.75 mm
Including M2.5 thread (Standard)Smaller than 0.75 mm
Including M3 threadSmaller than 0.75 mm

Measuring Pins

For the size inspection of spur gears.

Carbide±0.001 mmPrecision workpieces
Carbide±0.0005 mmGauge inspection
Carbide±0.0005 mmMasters and Artefacts