Spline Gauges

Spline Gauges are go and no go gauges for splines.

  • Available for internal and external splines with involute, serration and straight-sided flanks
  • Quick inspection of the usability
  • Designed according to the tolerance limits “actual” and “effective”
  • Assigned highest priority when inspecting the tolerance “effective” (DIN 5480 and others)
  • Price includes the gauge drawing
  • Price includes the inspection certificate
  • Drawing and certificate also available as PDF
  • Taper master plugs for ring gauges to determine the wear limit on request


Spline gauges are available from chrome steel, powder metallurgy steel SX and special high-alloy powder metallurgy steel HX. The material significantly affects the wear resistance of gauges.

(realtive to CS)
CSChrome steel60-62100%
SXPowder metallurgy steel63-65225%
HXSpecial high-alloy powder metallurgy steel64-66750%

Recent Development: Frenco Gauger – Pendulum Support

for automatic gauge testing

  • Pendulum support for FRENCO Go-gauges
  • 4 degrees of freedom to avoid unwanted tilting
  • Automatic finding of the position and inserting via handling system
  • Suitable for 100% testing without operator influence
  • Recommended insertion force: 150 N
  • Removal force (for workpieces outside the specification): up to 1000 N
  • Ideal for combination with handling systems and robots

Mating Gauges

for Crown Gears

  • Used to verify the quality of plan-sided toothed fixtures for Hirth serrations
  • Toothing corresponds to the workpiece geometry
  • Determining the “effective” height by pairing with fixture
  • Determination of axial and radial runs of the fixture
  • Proof of the quality of the fixture (and in the end of the workpieces) despite a lack of standardisation

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